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Hots topic.. but for general discussion

Hello everyone.. yes I know it's my first post on here, I've been reading the site for months and I needed everyone's opinion on something that I have had on my mind for the past few months..

I see some of you have kids and keep hots..

well about 6mths back friends of mine had one of their hots escape, they have two small kids btwn 1yr and 7 yrs. [yes I know.. hots with young kids bugs me too]

They didn't seem to care that a hot was loose in the house with them and their kids.. they are out in booney-ville and the closest hospital with antivemon is over 2 hours drive away, and they don't keep any at home.. something stupid about "if we are meant to die we will"

Now I was concerned about their kids and if the snake got loose my OWN kids and the other neighborhood kids getting killed. so I called social services on them and they had their kids taken away with orders that they would NOT have them back until the hots were gone..

Do you think I was right in calling social services?
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