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The easiest way to come from the north is:
Hwy 2 south turns into Deerfoot Trail as it enters Calgary, you continue to follow it south until Glenmore Trail (which is quite a ways south of Memorial Dr). Take Glenmore Trail East to Ogden Road. The Legion is a block north on Ogden Rd from Glenmore Trail. The Glenmore Inn is easy too spot & is located on Glenmore Trail & Ogden Road if you can find it you are less than a block from the show at the Legion. Everything south & of there is an industrial area (Foothills Ind. Park). This is the easiest most direct route from north of Calgary Mike.

For you people coming in on the TransCanada #1 either from the West or the East do so until you hit Deerfoot Trail & then take it south & follow the above directions.

For you folks coming from the South as you enter Calgary in the south from Hwy #2 it turns into Macleod Trail. You can follow it north all the way to Glenmore Trail & then go East on Glenmore & follow the above instructions. Or as soon as you hit the city you can take one of a # of mains (Hwy 22X, Canyon Meadows Drive, Anderson Rd, Southland Drive) to the east to connect you to the Deerfoot Trail Northbound & follow it to Glenmore Trail east & then follow the above.
It is real easy to find, but if you do have problems (anyone) feel free to call me on my cell (403)708-6705 as I'll have it at the show & can "talk you in". Mark IsBell - GONE SNAKEE!
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