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Hey Tim & Julie, having everything sold before the show is a blessing. I'm in the same boat & couldn't be happier. No catering to customers wanting snakes, just hanging out & displaying animals etc. What I'm saying is you should bring down stuff to display on a table anyhow as we would all enjoy seeing it. Anyway you'll have more time to see & meet people by not having one to watch over.

I just heard from Vanan/Katt also, all I can say is it sucks to be you. See you in the Fall or at Red Deer? Hope so!

Oh & Greg whats this 2 sleeps thing? I'm too excited to sleep! This is my first show of the year as I went back to bed the morning of the Edmonton show after seeing the fresh foot & a 1/2 of snow when I got up. Oh & not to jinx us or anything, but I'd say chances of snow again this weekend will be high. After all its a Long weekend & a reptile show, LOL Mark I. - GONE SNAKEE!
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