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Unhappy Need Help (TBD)

I've had Montey (my Children's Python) for about three years this summer.

For a while now she's be exhibitting what I thought could be normal behanviour. But while I was reading some of my breeding books it talked about TBD.

Some of the common symptoms are star gazing (losing the ability to focus and remains in an upward-staring motion) and she's having head tremors. Another symptom is if you turn the snake over, they have trouble righting themselves, however, she's always cranky in the spring time and it's not a good idea to be handling her right now so I can't test that one yet.

I called our local Animal Hospital and they referred me to the Toronto Animal hospital which is about 6 hours away from here. I have absolutely no problems taking her to that hospital if needs be.

I know that this disease is fatal, and that there is no treatment or cure. What I don't know is if it's painful. If my baby is just sick, I can nurse her and make her time on this planet worthwhile and happy. But if she's in pain, I don't want to prolong that, however heartbreaking it is to lose my most cherished family member.

Any advice on what my next actions should be? I'm very concerned. I'm calling the Toronto Animal Hospital tomorrow...

Thanks you in advance to anyone who may reply,
Jenn (SerpentLust)
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