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ZOO...I know (a bit redundent)

but We went to the Toronto Zoo a couple days ago, thought Id share some pics (i know its been done a hundred times before, but im jumpin on the band wagon)

here are some herps

softshell turtle
<img src="">

alligator snapper
<img src="">

spec. caimen
<img src="">

american alligators
<img src="">

Eastern massassaga rattler
<img src="">

<img src="">

I know its not a herp, but i love these guys...pygmy marmoset
<img src="">

I used to work att he zoo, and every once in a while they let us go back behind the enclosures....A while back we got to go back and give the male rhino a head i like the rhinos
<img src="">

Matt Rudisi
~Reptiles Canada~
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