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Basically yeah Megs is right. Usually Jeff will monitor the site, see what kind of posts ppl make, how good they are at handling various criteria and then from there a selection is made. We have ppl apply all the time, and positions are filled when possible. Its not by the number of posts or the amount of times you are here..its basically quality as oppose to quantity. Usually there is an announcement asking ppl to apply when a position is available...but positions available are few and far between. Or sometimes if there is a very special person..Jeff will just out right ask them. As for the time being..there is no open positions that i am aware of..but i wont speak for Jeff on this

Chat on the other hand i base on how you conduct yourself in there. How often your on..and how much trouble or lack there of you cause. In have the ability to kick and ban i have to be 100% sure that i trust your ability to make the right call before you ever become a chat operator/moderator. As the chat is getting bigger daily, i log and watch who is i will be hopefully expanding the mods in there in the next couple of months
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