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Personally, I respect all life. Annoying insects the least simply because I can kill them when they pester me with out going to jail. In most cases anyways. Humans come in a close second, but I doubt I'd kill one because then I'd feel bad only wiping out the annoying people and guys.
I bought a duck not to long ago to feed as to one of my juvenile crocodilians an the way the duck swam and quacked made me feel evil, so I kept him as a pet until he grew into a big over grown chair and tried to eat my cat. I gve him to a friend who was capable of caring for him because I'm a pansy and couldn't handle him in one of my ponds. (All of my ponds inhabit very large carnivorus animals, as do most of the enclosures I have.)
So feeding a furry, mischeivious creature on a good day would make me sad. heh. Now the still borns, in a heart beat. No need to waste good food. But I dunno, Live an let live, bug me and die.
Good motto?

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