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It could also be the owner wanted to save a buck so he fed his friends ferret to his snake after the friend said he did not want it any more. You know us men we will feed anything to our snakes just to see if it can be eaten thre worst thing is a ferret is the snakes worst enemy.

And yes herps are more in portant the mans best friend.

MY boss's cat had kitens and he feed them to a caimen and went right to lunch after. NOTE the kitens were still borns so he was not barbaric

I have learnd to regard every thing with furr as herp food.
If you only knew how many ppl ask me to fix the stray population in my little vilage but my snakes are to small and it is against the law.
But I would not think twice about feeding a dog to a retic I hate dogs but that is just me.....................LOLOLOLO

not congrats to him over a 10 000$ snake
I will kill the darn thing slowly if that would hapen to me
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