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Off Topic - RANT - Evil Money Grubbing Theaters.

This is totally off topic but I gotta get it off my chest.

The other day katey and I went to see X2 at the theater (awesome movie). Tickets for the pair of us weren't too bad only $13. Then we went to get popcorn and a couple drinks.

HOLY RAKING-IT-IN BATMAN! After taxxes we were looking at over $17! This wasn't even for the LARGE popcorn and drink.

Lets look at what this cost the theater. If you have a contract with a pop company (ie Coke or Pepsi) you pay for the cup (you have to use their cup) but the syrup is free (as much as you want). Cups cost ~0.05 each. Popcorn can't be all that expensive either, though I don't have a price I do know you can buy alot of popping corn for a dollar. Guestimate the cost of the popcorn at about $0.50 for both bags (probably way too much but it's still cheap) an extra $0.50 for the server's time and we have roughtly $14.00 worth of profit plus taxxes. Ok, we're not impressed with the price but when we go to pay we're informed that if we want to pay with interact (ATM card) we're told they don't take that as a form of payment (although they took it to pay for our tickets). We were then directed to the privately owned bank machine (most likely owned by the theater) and to use it we're going to have to pay a service charge in order to pay for overpriced food. At this point we just walked away from the counter in disgust leaving the food behind, unpaid for.

Next time we're bringing in my own food.
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