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I don't see an issue with keeping multiples of the same species together depending on whether they're teritorial, canibalistic and they have plenty of space to roam and hide with out stressing out the other animal. Of course you should monitor them closer when you do this, you can usually tell which snake shed by seeing who was in blue a few days before. And then there's going to be exceptions to the rule where some animals just won't get along regardless, currently out of 20 snakes we have 2 boa's 3 ball pythons and 2 corn snakes (all juveniles) housed in 3 cages. Will they be kept together for life? No, as they get bigger they'll be housed seperately. we also seperate them to feed to avoid accidents (each one has it's own feeding box). Often we spent more on a bigger cage to house a couple animals then what we would have spent for smaller multiples. The animals will let you know if they're stressed by the situation, you just need to watch and listen to them and that's something you would normally do anyways. The only thing I've found more difficult is tracking defications.
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