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You guys are the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just came home from work (I work graveyards and go to school) and saw this thread!! SO NICE OF YOU ALL!!

Actually Vanan is the first to wish me happy birthday. He came through drive thru ( I work at the dreaded McD's!) at 12:07 and sang to me while decked out in his SPCA uniform and driving the big *** SPCA Van. My co-workers were wondering what's going on!!

Not a lot of presents, unfortunately, I'm not a big birthday person. This year marks the big 21. However, Vanan is taking me to TARAS and SCALES Zoo are having us over for a night. So that's plenty exciting enough for me!

Thanks again guys, brought a big smile to my face, I'm just glad to be part of this community.

I also want to wish Chris Marshell a big happy birthday day as we seem to share joint birthdays! Right on!

Take care everyone, May 13th is the best day of the whole year!!
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