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Originally posted by "Red-eye"_Matt
Thanks for the help in convincing her. She keeps telling me that I can have one if I'm willing to have 3 kids. lol. I don't really think that is a fair trade off though.


Hahaha, I don't think that's a fair trade-off at all!

I've been looking into getting a chameleon myself and I've decided they're not for me. I actually finally decided on another animal after a good bit of deliberation...and discussing it with my family. I still haven't told them I already bought it though, or that he's in the basement--lol.... question is, why can't you and your girlfriend just have different interests, different animals? It's not like you'll be expecting her to take on the burden of caring for your new pet...that you'll be getting anyhow because, really...they are beautiful and she's already said she's willing to give in (in the first post!)

But seriously, don't expect it to be easy to continue to care for high-needs animals with ease after you've got three kids :P If you are looking for a long-term pet...keep that in mind.

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