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I would like to add to what Chondro Python said.

Its fine and dandy that you have placed yourself on such a high horse because you feel natural sunlight is best. When if you have cerain species, it will do nothing but stress them out. Its GREAT you do that for your animals, seriously, and hopefully they are dinural...but to assume others aren't good keepers because they have UVB bulbs or no sunlight is just silly, and a huge generalization.

As well as saying all snakes or herps living in rubbermaids are suffering. Did you even think to consider some that PREFER smaller, less clear housing before making such a broad statement? I would also like to see your sources for proof that herps/snakes whatever do better in something other than rubbermaid. Not that rubbermaids are the best, but I'd like to see your proof of why they are "cruel" ....maybe for large boids, but not for species such as ball pythons who PREFER to feel safe and secure and stay relatively hidden. This matches how they behave in the wild. So why should others force them to endure natural sunlight each day in a huge cage they will be stressed in because you say so?

Really man, I am not trying to be rude. But you are making some comments I personally feel are huge generalizations, huge guesses as to what people are keeping without "natural light" and in rubbermaids. Most colubrids are dinural? Are we talking most as in, in the world or most commonly kept? Because that would be corns, which prefer early evening and early morning and night time.

Look I agree most snakes could use more room. But I think you are way to generalizing and you aren't telling people how you came to any of these conclusions.

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