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I dont realy understand where are going with all this curalty stuff like you are questioning husbandry skils that were based on nothing but fact and long term studies.

There is UV bulbs for animals that require natural sun light to live. You know there is probebly ppl reading this thread and saying I sould give my snake natural light too but you faild to mention that you should NEVER under any circomstances expos your cage to natural sun light cause you will have the green house effect meaning the sun light will fillter through the glass of your window and then again through the glass of the enclosure creating somthing like a magnifying glass and roasting your animal.

who cares what we feed our dogs at least the vets care about them and can patch them up when a stupid keeper screws up.
We need to take the initiative to take proper care of our herps it will minimise the vets trips. So ppl wont fall victime to the system.

What wrong with feeding a ferret to a snake That could hapen it the wild ppl feed rabits and guine pigs and latter even pigs so one should not wonder it was probebly the only thing he/she could get there hands on. The real mistake was taking the chance and feeding it live.

It may have never hapend to you yet but be warned that it could happen to you tomarow or on any feeding day feeding live is like playing russian roulette when will the bullet be behind the hammer and not a empty chamber.
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