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Pet dogs come from wolves, turn of the last century they were bred to be more tame , some wanted vicious dogs so dobermans and rot wielers were bred, dogs are fed canned food , you wouldnt see owners feeding them live prey which wolves eat.

... Dogs were seperated from wolves some 10-12,000 years ago.
With multitudes of selective cross breeding and inbreeding.
Each Dog species we have a crosses from other speces of dog.
And wolves when they were in the process of being kept as pets not only ate live but scraps as well.. Feeding your dog canned food is not even healthy, dispite the fact dogs are Domesticated creatures. Snakes are not. And also, dogs as well as cats still hunt food items.. So, comparing a domesticated creature to a wild animal isn't logical, especially if the animal still eats live creatures either way....

Its all down to sense and sensibility, if you know of potential risks can can arise by keeping captives, then its common sense and responsible husbandry to eliminate the risk, if this means feeding dead prey then surely its the right thing to do, anyone who fails to see the welfare of their animals should not keep animals period. You shouldnt have to see a photo of a tragic event or multiple photo's to know what is right and what is wrong, if anyone cant make reasonable decisions over such a clear testimony of cruelty which is written in text in many books and web pages, then i can only assume they have done zero research, irresponsible and bloody minded.

...Feeding live is nothing near cruelty. It's the facts of life. Cruelty in my eyes are keeping snakes in sweater boxes, no light, little room to move and a few airholes assuming thats its ample enough air because they are still alive. Plus power feeding so you could breed sooner than another, ect. Now, I know this may not attain to you, but do you honestly think that's humane? Or keeping a 16' burm in a 10'x4' cage? Give or take? Feeding live is the least of worries for most keepers. You choose to feed dead, your choice, but I can nearly bet most who does, doesn't even give the snake enough room to fully stretch out. (Large boids.)
Hell, I bet colubrids dont even get enough amount of room to squirm around, being most are very active, Diurnal creatures. That's cruel in my book. Not feeding live of a possible strike back against the attacker. And first it started as a picture post, one of the pictures most commonly used. Basic beginners to boids know most Balls are finicky eaters, and evaluate the pic simply as the arrogent keeper fed/left his non eating ball a rat. The ample use of other pics will help evaluate the ball pic. So if you post a pic of this topic, do it right.
...A ferret, eh? One could only wonder..

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