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I should let you know this too...

This comes from the judge who deal with the pre-trial today.. Said "web site page" or any "web site policies page" is not a contract that both party can sign on so the seller should have not send said animals then(stay with his policy).unless the seller send a copy with the product and the buyer know of it by (in this case) by Staying with the policy or getting the buyer to wright a letter or email saying he has read and will agree with this policies.(I did not know that until today). (like when you buy a car or go to a pet store)

As for the seller in this case his web site (he/she close it down and reopen it this year) did not have anything like this it just said (I have a copy of the old web page I printed out back then) Call of email me for more info and a little bit on buy pays shipping, All animals are guarantee to live arrival and not a thing about the Temps. (The deal was made 2 years ago) I did not get the animals until about 6 months later.


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