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Well, lets consider the fact that most creatures, even snakes, live in fairly small niches. And Captivity may not be natural, but that don't mean taking away everything that you could give to them.
You can provide sunlight.. You do it. Most of the people I know do it. And Im aware that sunlight is natural stuff.. Forgive me if I'm wrong on that. People use dirt, chips, mulch of some sort for bedding.. Sheesh, that's naturalistic enough for me.. (not counting the laziness of some people who uses butcher paper or paper of the same sort as bedding for healthy herps)
I myself prefer sand and dirt.. Um, so by where Im sitting, you should provide naturalistic adventures if it's possible. Sure there may be a few walls of glass, wood or plastic but don't limit everything..
And feeding live or dead in captivity is natural. Eating is natural.
and that's not what I was trying to express in the earlier post. You're pinpointing the wrong parts... Blantant excuse? Forgive me, I wasnt aware you kept your snakes in sweater boxes with
flexwatts for heat.. Again, I was't advising anyone to feed live, or dead; mouse or rat. I was saying, Hey.. You want to deter people from an act, then use more than one picture.

::That last sentence.. Read that.. That's the point.. ::
And keeping my ways of keeping to myself is not going to happen, unless of course, you do the same. And for he record, isn't brumation natural, and don't you need to do that to most of herp populations to do what? Oh yea, another natural thing.. Reproducing...

""If you do everything natural for your herps, please do not buy any more, buying, keeping, breeding herps is no way natural.""

Forgive me, wasn't aware natraul keeping is so evil and disliked.
Buying is natural.. Think about it. Keeping is natural.. Think about that as well.. And breeding.. Not natural? Mother nature is a wicked woman..

""Sorry if I've come on a little strong, but I really can't take any more of this "it's natural" BS, it's one of my biggest pet peeves. Why not just fess up, and just say you like watching them kill, or that you can't kill the prey yourself.""

Eh, no worries.. Feeding live or dead is natural.. Snakes do feed on carion so uh.. Hmm..
And fess up? Sure, I love to watch nature in action wheather it's feeding, breeding, fighting, or what-knot.. Killing is natural..
And, yes.. Killing them myself is somewhat sad because I cherish all life.. Not just a snake that I paid more for then a feeder..
But then again.. I am pro food chain..

I will type in caps to see if this will put my point across..

I also understand it could happen to any herp. That's not the discussion...
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