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What would you do??

I am looking for some info here (I am the buyer in this case but what would you do if you are The shipper/sellerin these case..) If the seller of said amimals send you something and when after tell you about there shipping policies(after said animals died and you start bringing them to court). Which there policies says this " we do not guarantee live arrival if temps are below 40oF and over 89oF. These terms are available on are web site @(will not put name here), But ship anyways when it was during an extreme heat wave (he/she say he had the ship them because he/she was running out of room). I could have waited until it cooled down. Then the shipper/seller said they will get some more in or give me my money back and or send me something else that I am looking for. Then he/she stop reply for a very long time, until I bring them to small claims court. I put this as short as I could because I do not want the hurt the other party in this case.

Now here is my ?.

1. If the shipper/seller break there own shipping policies, does the buyer lose out and don't get there money back?

2. What would you do if you are the shipper/seller in this case?

3. Is this a reptile industries policie? If yes and the shipper/seller break this policie what should be done to make very one happy??

4. Do all shipper/seller/breeder use these type of policie??

5. Where can I see a few policies like this one and where?(Msg me or email me these one) In Canada only

Please no off topic posts in this one. email me or msg me if you want.


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