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Burms are aggresive feeders. But I myself have a personal story about them....

WAAAAY before I even knew about reptiles our neighbor had a large burmese python living in a bedroom that had been customized for it....well it wasn't a proper set up but it wasn't just like throw in a normal was between 8-11 feet...I can't really say exactly, but definitly more than two feet longer than my Dad at the tiem who is 6 feet.

Anyways the neighbor threw in a live large rat...and by large I mean those JUMBO sewer rats...(lol)...the next day the rat had chewed through so much of its neck it was almost decaptated. I don't know what state this snake was in to let this happen, I don't know if the food item was a proper size but it DID happen and my family talks about it to this day. These people had been feeding the burm live all its life.

It can happen to anyone who feed live, at any time, with any snake.

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