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I think the excuse of feeding live is natural, is utter and pure and unadulterated and completely BS!!!!!!!

CAPTIVITY IS NOT NATURAL, therefore nothing we do in captivity is considered natural. In nature, snakes do not live in small enclosures, snakes and prey have avenues of escape that are just not possible in captivity. Feeding live in captivity (let me correct that) is NOT NATURAL. Please do not try to excuse your blantant disregard for your reptiles safety with this "it's natural" BS excuse. I'm really glad you haven't managed to kill any of your reptiles, in your 14yrs, however. Please DO NOT advise any newbies to feed live, please, please! For their sake and their reptiles sake, keep your live experiences to yourself.

If you do everything natural for your herps, please do not buy any more, buying, keeping, breeding herps is no way natural.

Sorry if I've come on a little strong, but I really can't take any more of this "it's natural" BS, it's one of my biggest pet peeves. Why not just fess up, and just say you like watching them kill, or that you can't kill the prey yourself.
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