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In the case of the Science Centre, the boas in question were CB and had been started on F/T prey. Poor things have no idea about killing food. We have converted several snakes from live feed to thawed over time. It is not always easy, and we have been quite creative in our tricks to get them to eat thawed. The only live we ever feed is pinky mice or rats, and only as a last resort for hatchlings. In my opinion, the hatchlings that do not start feeding on F/T prey have a compromised appetite from the start, and in the wild would have probably become a meal before they found one. I have force fed baby snakes, and fed live to get them going, but would prefer never to have to feed live. We used to raise rats as feeders, and I have been the recipient of rat bites. Needless to say, we do not raise rats anymore, and I would cut the teeth out with side cutters and make sure it smacked its head on the cage door on its way in.
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