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..I knew that would spark a conversation; And yes I would like to see other pictures when they want to throw about the topic. It would help deter people from feeding live.. Seeing the same pic over and over dosnt get the point across, and everytime I see it I just think, Hey, why do morons try feeding live to a non feeding snake? I'm sure non-infomed people who see this same pic would think something of the same.. Now if I seen a Burm or a retic which in most cases are aggressive feeders and had a logical story behind it, then I'm sure the point would hit me. or at least several random pic ove the same topic. Maybe it' because I do everything natural for my animals that feeding live is stuck in my head. (Yes my animals get natural sunlight.) Or maybe it's because I'm messed up in the head.. Also, I'm not going to look over the internet just to see thee things, because I'm aware of what can happen. My point is, if you want to ge the pont across dont use the same animal. Lets also not forget it's like the 3rd time Ive seen this same pic on this site alone. But hey, live and let live..

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