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Sometimes snakes require live no matter what we do to prevent it, fact of life. These idiots that leave live prey unattended (especially rats) with their snakes should be subjected to the same fate (eaten alive). I just ran into a girl on Sat. at the petstore with a story on how her brother "killed" his python. Well he didn't actually do it the vet did, but it was the unattended live rat that had chewed his poor python to a point where it had to be euthanized. I explained to her what an idiot her brother was & quickly left before I was temped to vocalize my opinion properly instead of being politcially correct & all. The saddest part is that the snake would take dead/thawed, so there was absolutely no reason for the story I heard. Can you say "IDIOT" boys & girls, I knew you would, sigh! Mark I.
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