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I just got the most disturbing email - this is spooky. I had just finished reading these posts, and checked our email. As it turns out they had a tragedy at the Science Centre when one of the live rats (mutilated was the word she used) one of the boas to death. We rescued a boa from them last year - they offered to surrender it because it was mean. I asked all the usual questions and found out they fed live. I was thanked politely for my opinions and advice on live feeding, and had the boa delivered to us. She was mean, and had several scars as evidence of being chewed on, and obviously on more than one occasion. Their excuse for feeding live was they had trouble finding frozen rodents. It seems to me that someone with the ability to find appropriate live prey could figure out how to make it dead - it does seem simple. Much easier than bringing a dead one back to life! As humans we are entitled to be stupid at times, but some people really abuse the privelege.
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