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geesh don't get Vic going on that one Better off calling them the British Isles Or Great Britan There is the english channel that devides the islands from the land mass of western europe(like everyone doesen't know that already)Oh Vic There is some great beer and ale brewed in your home land.But you hqave got to come here and have some Canadian beer(you might not want to go home)I have been across the pond to quite a few different countries,all of em have great beers (all except for France wine and all that ) I still think we got the best beers in the world here in Canada I think some other non Canadians will say the same I hope.I hope we can all get togather some day and toss a few pints down the pipes and talk snakes and all(well all accept for Vic's trouser snake)

P S Does anyone here like Scotch? Whats your poison (Rev you have to anwser too)

“You know its funny I was thinking about what you said. The preeminent truth of our age is that you can not fight the system. But if as you say the truth is fluid that the truth is subjective then maybe you can fight the system. As long as just one person refuses to be broken refuses to bow down” “But can you win?” “Every time I say NO”
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