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I'll second that vote Jeff! Chris was absolutely awesome -- not only did he sell me an absolutely gorgeous chondro, but he also went out of his way and kept him happy and healthy and growing for me since last winter, as I wasn't able to bring him home yet... 5 stars for Chris! Hehe

Had to grin when I saw that comment about my baby though -- I was wondering the same thing *grin*. Glad to hear that he hasn't got you yet Jeff You'll be safe soon enough, I can't wait to pick him up this morning! Although I hope that I'm quick too, it would rather suck to have my first experience being tagged come from a chondro with those lovely teeth that they have (not as big as an emmie maybe, but still impressive!)...

Thanks again Chris -- and Jeff, your new boas look great, hopefully I'll be able to take a look at them when I pick my little guy up this morning!
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