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Not a bad thing, but of course it would have an effect on the community's dynamics and how threads would evolve, etc etc.
I totally agree ********. Which is why I said that quote above (to cover my.......heh heh). Its not that its bad. And actually, it would be bad if there was no growth. We are all benefiting greatly by this site becoming so huge. And because of this, I'm grateful for ******** and crew for giving us the forum (no pun intended) to express our herpetological thoughts and questions. We owe him a lot for it. And if that means putting up with questions that we figure to be common knowledge, then so be it. Its worth it.

Cheers men.

Now where the fudge are these said beers? I'm damn thirsty and the snapping of my fingers only worked once on my girlfriend. So now I have no drinks.


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