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Flea powder ????

Hey i was at a local pet store today they were having a reptile Expo.
while i was there i saw a few of the snakes had mites so i said to the guy that some of his snakes has mites.And with that he took the snakes to the back room and put Flea powder on them and put them in a rubber maid. he told me that the flea powder would not hurt the snake but would kill the mites. He said that you put the Flea powder on for like ten minutes and then put them in the tub and wash the Flea powder off and that would cure the mites.
I have never heard of this before does any one know if this is true? some people i asked today that breed reptiles said it is true and some said it was not i have heard of useing NIX but not Flea powder. After about a hour he showed me the rubber-maid that he put water in and let the snake soak in for a little while and i did see a few dead mites in the water and only found dead ones on the snake. So it seemed to work but what i wonder is would that hurt the snake in any way?
This has had me wondering all day??????
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