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Thank god hip had the sense not to say anything so silly...........

Well I got busy and forgot about this thread so I never got a chance to make one of my usual silly statements.I would stand to agree with our founding father(Jeff S) he does know lots of therapists Though I would think they would be called spa tech's or other terms much less flattering but if it floats your boat man go with the flow.Hey Vic how many ballocks you run into on your side of the pond?I bet is the same percentage based on genitics that we have here on this side of the world.Hey Jeff F you know some day we are gonna hook up and I am goona feed you the beers one after another after another till you are loaded.Then I will break out the camera and post some pics.That should be good for a laugh.

I could hardly forget Trevor (boid keeper) I do not know you as of yet,But I will endeavour to stress you insult you and just be a general pain in the arse lol.Hey man did you get the info you were looking for off those sites? I never did hear back from you so i hope it all worked out in the end for you.Now you guys are all thinking WTF is this guy rambling about well to tell you the honest truth I don't have a clue either time for a beer me thinks.

Here is a pic of me just incase you all forget why I would have a Charlie avitar. This should scare a few of the as jeff so nicely puts it nooooooooo..........beeeeeeeeeesssssss. wow nother beer coming up.

peace Hip
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