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Smile Stupid people stories

How about TRUE (as in it happened to you or you witnessed it in person) stupid stories? I'll start. The following is a conversation a customer and I had one night.


Customer: I'm trying to install the software and i've been waiting for the software to download from the internet for over an hour now. It's been stuck at 54% for an hour now"

Techsupport (me): Ok so have you connected the printer to your computer yet?

Customer: No, I've only stuck in this disc you guys gave me.

Techsupport: Ok, thats great. Do you see anything else on your screen?

Customer: Yes there's this window that says "Next" on it.

Techsupport: Ok click "Next".

Customer: Ok now it says "Access agreement"

Techsupport: Ok click on accept then keep hitting next.

..... eventually the customer clued in.
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