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LOL But, hey you gotta have some perks when raising three boys!!

This is kind of off topic - but I did want to share with you one way reptiles have impacted our family - other than fostering compassion, responsibility, etc. My seven year old son has mild Tourette's and at times life can be stressful for him and sometimes he feels quite alone. This past April we bought three bearded dragons (the one we lost was a recent purchase) - one for each of the boys. There is something in the nature of the beardie that has really centred him. The dogs are old and don't play, the cat ignores everyone and the rabbit is just plain nasty - so there is not a great deal of give and take with them. 'Baby Dragon' is content to just sit - and I think gives him a feeling of unconditional love. After a tough day of school, he'll come home and 'play' with Dragon and he is able to gain some perspective. Same at bedtime - that dragon just centres him and he can get to sleep easier. Over the past few months his tics have all but disappeared and he is more than able to handle everyday stresses. Don't get me wrong - we're a loving, supportive family - and do all that we can to make home a safe, secure place (this includes slavedriving ... I mean discipline). But that dragon has filled a niche ("fed his soul" to sound real corny) that nothing else had. So, it would be interesting to see reptiles incorporated into some forms of play/pet therapy - because obviously they could have a role.

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