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you guys know I am somewhat of an unstable violent hot head at times
At times?


Rev, Vic, hip (would capitalize you're avatar dammit?!!), maybe if we just talk amongst ourselves, we'll get enough good conversations to last, with you three in the mix, I'm outtie. I'm gonna take my chances with the noo-beeessss... Ha ha.....kidding. Out of us 4, I say I have the least amount of patience for dummies... (not saying all noo-bees re dummies. Although I think hip said that once to Rev and Vic and they concurred...........ducks........).

With all my dots, this post is looking like a Ralph Davis journal entry! Yikes.

Ok, now what were we talking about? I think Vic was saying he wanted to have sex with someone named KS, and then Rev talked about sucking? Thank god hip had the sense not to say anything so silly...........

Oh the love......
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