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Cool Pic

Just thought I would try posting a pic (seeing as I have this new computer) Here is a pic of one of Grant V G's Bloods.I shipped this girl to Edmonton for him(He sent her west Jet via Hamilton) Seeing as my office is in Hamilton(so I go there a lot) I picked her up the night before housed her here (House of Hip) took her to the office.Placed her In her shipping container and off she went.Well of course the guys in the office had to see her cause they were curious.

I took her out(of the mid west snake bag) not so much for show and tell but just to check her over before she left.Needless to say Dean had a camera and snapped a few pics so thats the whole story. I only hope Grant dosent get leaked off for me posting a pic of his Blood.

I am a boa guy But I must say I liked that blood she is an awesome lookin snake.

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