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This was funny

I wanted to tell a story when i replyed to a ad in the local paper.
This guy had a Burmese and a boa for sale so i called him up and asked if i could come out and have a look at them.
So i went out to his house and what did i see he had a Ball python not a Burm and a colombian boa in the same tank so i played dumb and went along with him.
He told me he had been into reptiles for 10 years and that their was not much that he did not know. And that i should really think before i buy his Burm that they get to be 20 feet full grown
So then he told me that before he sold me the two snakes for $375 that he would have to see what i would keep them in.
I said ok and told him to follow me back to my house so on the way home i was telling my wife about how it was a Ball python not a Burm and that he said he knew allot about snakes. So we get to my house and he comes up stairs to my reptile room and as soon as he walked in the room and saw all my reptiles.
The look on his face was so funny and all that he had to say was oh so i guess you know about snakes so i said i knew a bit HA HA
then told him that the snake he had was not a Burm that it was a Ball python and pointed to my 4 Burms and said they are Burms.
And then showed him my Ball python to compair with his Ball that it was not a Burm so with all that i ended up getting both snakes for $175 and then he asked if he could bring his familiy over to see all of the reptiles. and to top it all off he asked if i would teach him all about different snakes and lizards

Well i thought it was funny
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