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OK . . my girl is in the bath right now so I thougt it would be time for me to put in my 2 cents. I was thinking of getting a 260 gallon "reptarium" and possibly installing a misting system; one that I would either build or buy. Plus I'm thinking of going with a panther or a couple of pygmy leafs. So as of right now this is not a inquiry o anything, it's just a couple of ideas that I'm kicking around. We are by no means prepared for a cham and the fact that we are getting another red-eye next week is really limiting the amount of room we have. We are moving in together this summer and we are setting up a herp room so that we can have more space for our little ones.

Trace: The UV lighting isn't a problem as we are already using it for our frogs and it will be going into the beardie enclosure that we are planning for this summer. The biggest problem I could think of would be bugs but I would still have a LOT of research to due before I would actually consider getting one. Just right now I'm trying to convince her that they are not "ugly" little things and that we need one .

Thanks for the help in convincing her. She keeps telling me that I can have one if I'm willing to have 3 kids. lol. I don't really think that is a fair trade off though.

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