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Hi all again. First off I've spent some time in Texas & not many people are like "snakes all day" (thank God!), but unfortunately idiots are everywhere LOL. Futhermore I am not agreeing or disagreeing with people here (except s.a.d., I think sad is appropriate, LOL) but rather trying to present info. that has to be acknowledged. There are 2 sides to every coin & alot of grey area inbetween. Oh & Tim on the hypicrit thing I was refering more to guys like me who don't mind having thousands of mice/rats killed for the purpose of food for our "pets". Just think of all the people out there that would rather of kept what we called "food'" as "pets" or worse yet the people that eat snakes, DOH! LOL. That and the whole "hate the cattle industry", but eat beef & wear leather shoes thing. I know that prairie dogs & gophers are different but they's one in the same to the guys doing the "blasting" unfortunately. No matter what its one of those moral dilema things that can go on forever with the "KILL EM ALL" & "SAVE THE WORLD" attitudes, but all we can eally hope for is a happy medium (?). Mark I. - GONE SNAKEE!
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