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prarie dogs aren't either badgers or moles or hedgehogs, about the only country to really buy any as pets is Japan. Basically the problem with ranchers is broken legs on livestock and their feeding preference. Collection is usually by a suction machine. Not a problem in Texas. Badgers are a bit different, Badgers live in a variety of habitats, but they most commonly are found in open country such as prairies and plains. They avoid heavily wooded areas andhabitats with rocky soils. Badgers are restricted to North America, and occur west of the Great Lakes region throughout the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains. Locally, they are most common in portions of West and South Texas although they occasionally are sighted in the eastern part of the state. Badgers usually den in shallow burrows except during breeding season, when they will dig a nest chamber deep below the ground. These "badger holes," called setts, are evidenced by the large amounts of mounded earth that surround them. Badgers usually are solitary creatures except when they breed late in the summer. Due to delayed implantation and development, the one to five pups are not born until March or April although the actual embryonic development of the pups takes only six weeks. The female cares for the blind and helpless pups by herself until they are grown and leave the den site late in the fall. Badgers normally may live for 10 to 12 years.
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