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Ok anyone who says Rap dosen't take talent come up with five ryming sentences in a row of the top of your head. Good .... now try to make it sound good. Rap was started in the 1970's in NYC as a way of expression in which black youth could speak their mind. It has now turned into the best selling music genre. With rap going world wide in the last decade. Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Mexico just to name a few all have rap artists. So much for a "fad" as it was labled in the '80's. Rap has grown over four different decades. It has been incorperated into commercials, video games, as well as inserted into many "POP" songs to boost sales. Lets face it Rock/Metal isn't what it used to be and country is dying. Rap is going strong. The first album I ever bought was Run-DMC Raising Hell in 1986 and now it is 97% of what I listen to. Like it or not rap is here to stay and I hope it continues to be successful.

To awnser your questions: I don't really listen to Cash Money artists not that I have anything against them I just like other artists. Emenem's best song is his verse on BIG's Dead wrong. But for him anytime he's about to bust a freestyle you can almost feel the air charge like just before lightining. "my name is" has got to be his best. Dre's best solo? Or does it include his N.W.A. tracks as well? Solo..."Forgot about Dre" because it was from the heart and told everyone what he was thinking (FU if u don't like me basically). DMX- Ruff Ryders Aynthem of course. I don't remember who else weas on the list so I will have to edit later.

5 favorite songs? That's tough. None of you will know them anyways. Chief Rocka by Lords of the Underground. Fu*k ta Police by N.W.A., King of Rock by Run-DMC, Gonna get Yours by Public Enemy, and what evers bumpin' in my head at the time. I know it's all old school because it's better but that's another discussion.-Tim

And Jurassic 5 is Hip-Hop. There is a difference between rap and hip-hop. I thought I taught her better then that !
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