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Texans will pretty much shoot anything! Why the hell would you shoot a badger? There population is seriously declining. Do they do any thing but dig holes?
Pairie dogs or any other animal that is slowly being pushed out of it's range and comes in to contact with people is considered a pest. That is why wildlife in general is threatened. No one truely owns land. It has been here for millions of years before us and it will be here for millions of years after us. We just occupy it for a while. What one person does for themselves indirectly effects everybody as a whole. Having said that ranchers have to make a living. I wish there was another way but there is not. It is a grey area in which both sides are right. So this is an argument that can't be won. There is a big deferance between farming an animal for food (like ranchers) and shooting wild animals. I liked your statment all the way up tothe P.S. part. I will never condone the killing of a threatened species like a Fox or Birds of prey though as many farmers/ranchers do. There has to be an ethical line. Although I am agreeing with you on some points.

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