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Mike has covered most of the info - definately feel welcome to attend the Reptile Society meeting if you will be in town that week. It is not too far from the university - e-mail me for directions to the meeting. There is usually a "show and tell" at each meeting and members have several there to how off. I think one member may be doing some probing of snakes at the next meeting, so there could be quite a few there.

The P.J.'s (on Calgary trail and in West Edmonton Mall) and Super Pet (just north of West Edmonton mall) stores are the ones with the largest reptile selection, but often in less than ideal conditions. There is also a store called Koi that carries some herps and there is a large pet store in Sherwood Park - just east of Edmonton that often has a nice selection of well cared for herps.

If we are around at that time and you are interested in seeing snakes, we might be able to connect and you could drop by and see ours. Click on the camera by my name for some of our collection. Just e-mail me if interested.

Hope your brother in law is doing well and you have a good trip.

mary v
Mary VanderKop
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