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Most ranchers everywhere consider them as pests & treat them as such. It is because of the hole thing. Gophers do not just dig one hole they dig dozens. So if you have a colony established in your pasture you have literally hundreds of holes. Gophers also bring in badgers, which go around trying to dig out the gophers everywhere. So now you have hundreds of gopher holes in your pasture & dozens of huge holes that the badger creates. Big deal just a bunch of holes. Holes such as the above break horse's & cow's legs all the time & gopher holes are big enough to break a fowl or calfs leg. Ranchers buy large pastures to set up their livestock in, not to cater to gophers. Its not just the ranchers either. Rich folk on expensive acrerages just can't stand to have their lawns & gardens destroyed by pesky vermin either. At least ranchers will address things themselves, not just call the exterminator. I know the gophers have every right as a living creature, but ranchers/landowners don't see it that way. It is sad to say, but by shooting them in most cases does them a favour. It thins them out, but doesn't wipe them out. I would much rather risk being shot to death then die a slow painful death over a period of a week or weeks due to poisoning. Most ranchers set poison baits everywhere for gophers. The gophers aren't the only animals that eat the poison either plus everthing that eats the bodies of the poisoned gophers is poisoned as well. That includes other gophers as well as they are cannibals, but it also includes birds of prey, foxes, weasels & any & all scavengers etc. I myself would rather see them shot than have the whole countryside subjected to poisoning. I grew up around this my whole life so if I seem insensitive thats why, but its a fact of life in cattle country. Something for you all to think about on your next trip to McDonalds or any other burger or steak joint. If I offended you sorry, I'm just relaying some facts of life to you. Mark I.
P.S. I'm not a rancher so please don't hate me or them. I am the keeper of a large # of snakes though, so I'm responsible for the deaths of thousands of rodents yearly. I put this statement here for all of you hypocrits out there. Remember that before you get on your high horses. M.I.
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