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And pay for the fines when TX Parks & Wildlife shows up at the door asking for your permits. They take the sale of prairie dogs rather seriously, and without the proper collection and commercial vendor permits the fines are pretty stiff.

I still haven't figure out why people kill them yet. They eat native grasses, not farm crops (unless you happen to grow timothy hay). Their worst offense is digging holes - so I guess people should be out killing pet dogs, armadillos, badgers too... they dig holes as well. Besides, you'll never get rid of them unless you clear out a whole town which can be hundreds - not to mention there are several groups in TX working on relocating unwanted prairie dogs if you just take the time to make a few phone calls instead of slaughtering them.

I have three, they're incredibly loving pets. Once they bond to an owner, they treat you just as if you were another prairie dog in their family. They are distrustful of strangers, so they're not really something you can hand around to your friends to show off. Their diet is hay and grasses mainly. A few other things can be thrown in as treats. There are a couple companies that make commercial prairie dog foods now, specifically formulated for their needs (and since they can't have alfalfa). In the fall-winter males go into rut (which is why many people suggest getting them neutered). Rut basically is a several month long PMS run. Where they get tempermental and pretty much just want to be left alone. Breeding them in captivity is a rare hit or miss thing, very few prairie dogs will even try to breed in captivity, so neutering isn't a big deal. If you have any other questions, I'd be happy to try to answer.


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