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Originally posted by Sean_.E.

The coolest thing at Chester zoo is the bat cave where there are all these species of bats flying around (including flying foxes) and you wall through the cave and the fly around you its cool and the cave is HUGE and it also has a pond in it.

Glad someone got to Chester Zoo - I went a few months ago and we thought is was really, really cool. We spent hours in the batcave, I've never seen anything like it anywhere else. The pond had enormous pale catfish in it! The reptile house there is quite good - that's where I first saw (and fell in love with) Gaboon Vipers, as they seem to have quite a few.

I'm simply not going to comment on the monkeys, and the rest of this thread!

Well, ok, I once was the recipient of Ape-Sh*t on a school trip many years ago.

I also became 'territory' when some sort of big cat decided to projectile pee at me, at FlamingoLand in North Yorkshire, England.
Bloody good shot, too!

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