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I dont believe in medicating a reptile in such a minor case, thats all. Ive never lost a lizard once (not that this sort of thing happens very often) But of course, if you all feel the vet is the way to go, then by all means. I just find it pointless, as ive dealt with many herp vets and all I get is "Just keep it clean and wait for it to fall off."

Maybe you guys have more qualified vets to deal with you than I do. And i certainly hope the "Iam glad you've left your other lizards to heal their broken toes" wasn't a knock. I do not leave any sick or injured reptile to fend for itself. Like i said, I think ive had this happen twice. The animal is moved into a quarentined tank, kept on clean paper towels and has polysporin applied. (i guarentee you most vets will tell you to do the same thing) Neglect is grounds for animal cruelty, and this certainly isnt neglect. (As I have taken animals to the vet in the past, to be told nothing but information I could have done myself.)

Iam speaking from experience, not to mislead anyone. and of course, if its a very bad injury the animal has sustained a vet is nessecary.

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