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What the pet store needs to do is give an up-to-date care sheet. But thatís not it. I have also come across pet stores like that, that sell red-tails, burms and retics, personally I donít think pet stores (except like ones that specialize in herps) should carry that kind of stuff because I bet you good money some 14 year old (not to say anything bad about kids who are 14 because I am 14 and have a burm, and I know 14 year olds who keep them in a good environment and keep them responsibly (ex. Rachel) but in general your "average" kid who is 14 inset really able to fathom the care it will need and the poor snake will probly end up getting euthanized well anyway back to the rant) they will buy a retic and be like COOL and take it home and put it in a 10 gallon and go play soccer or something. But most people who are going to end up keeping a snake like that responsibly will do a good bit of research and know not to pay $150 for a normal at a pet store. The herps that belong in a pet store are corn snakes, king snakes, ball pythons, berded dragons, and leopard geckos. Not retics, burms, bloods, greed tree pythons, emerald tree boas, and viper boas ex. they also need to highly recommend you do proper research or sell some kind book about them. just my $00.02
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