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sorry, I came off a little half-cocked. It is just that this question comes up so often. There are plenty of irresponsible herp keepers out there, a tiny portion of those keep hots. Those that are irresponsible hot keepers get an enormous amount of press comparitively. There are thousands of causes out there that affect thousands to millions of persons, why should such a tiny brach as hot herp keepers suffer for the mistakes of even fewer persons. Most invenomations in the press aren't even herper related, some hiker or drunk gets tagged. To me it's like saying since there are car wrecks nobody should drive. As a hot keeper I tire of the constant 'should we allow keeping hot reptiles?', should we allow any Joe Blow to buy any reptile, look at how many reptiles die every year a much larger cause if someone needs a bandwagon. If you don't like hots, don't keep them, but unless you specifically are threatened by an animal in someone's collection by their poor technique it is all a 'what if' game, and your support or lack of it does affect us if somebody decides to try to regulate individuals.