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Ok just some clarification here.

1) The lizard is about the size of an green anole, with a longer tail and a different shaped head but the body size is currently smaller than an adult male green anole.

2) The thickness of his toe is about the thickness of a paper clip.

3) I but him in some warm water to take a look at it and to clean the wound when it happened. About 4 days ago now. It seemed to be superficial at the time.

4) The wound itself seems to be healing on its own it has a scab over it. But his toe looks funny compared to the rest of his toes and the rest of his cagemates.

I am going to call a vet when i get home. Awhile back (like 2 years ago) I had an issue with an anole of a similar size i took him to the vet they looked at him said that i should just let the digit fall off on its own. I paid $50 for 10 minutes and things were no different for the lizard than before I went.[BTW he turned out to be fine]

It was just suggested to me that i post here to get peoples opinions on a course of action. If this turns out to be the case again. What can I do for the baby to make this process better?



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