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Helpin Out a Young Herper

ok so here i am walking home from an unsuccessful herping trip in the nearby woods when i see a kid who lives on my road. my sis is best friends with his sis so he comes over every now and then and checks out my herps. i guess two weeks before he had gotten some new anoles from a local pet shop, he refered to them as chameleons. i personally hate that pet shop because i bought my first tokay there and it died within 5 days. so he takes my to see his tank. it looked good, but horrible conditions for an anole. it was a 10G tank with desert sand calcium crap and a rock. also a fake cactus and a huge water dish. i told him that he needed to seriously fix it. i told him it needed something like repti bark and that it needed a uvb light. he said he liked how the tank looked and the nice lady at the petshop told them that it was fine too keep them in that *pulling hair out by now* so i told him to come to my house and see what i got going on and what he should do. in his tank the only thing heating it was a 40 watt placed up against the back glass. it got no direct sunlight at all. but hey if the pet shop says it is good then it must be. so he came over and i brought him to my tanks. i showed him my substrate and said this is what he needed because anoles come from places like florida when it rains a lot and is nice and humid. he agreed that it might be best but he still like the sand better cause he could see where they pooped, i told him the pros far out weigh the cons. i told him how he must mist the cage 2 times a day because they probably wont drink from the water dish.. then i directed his attention to my uvb light fixture and i told him he absolutly needed this, then i went through a disscussion on what could happen to them if he didnt. i had to give him some of my own personal reptile supplies to help him out. he needed some cricket dust so i gave it to him, then he needed cricket gutload. then we came and printed off a good anole caresheet for him and he said he didnt need it because he had a pamphlet the store gave him, he pulled out a piece of crap blue paper. i directed him to the trash can. i gave him that and the recent anole article from reptiles magazine. it didnt really bug me much that he needed my supplies cause it all came from my box of spare reptile supplies in my room. so he went home with some new supplies and info for his cute lil guys.
his anoles were in not too bad of a condition but the female was horribly thin and brown because of stress. apparently the male had been eating but the female hadnt. i personally held the male, didnt wanna touch the female and cause stress. the male was very timid and not too jumpy and he was in perfect health. he went from a light brown to a lime green faster then any anole i have ever seen, it was cool. he decided to get a herp after checkin out my snakes and the tokay. an anole being the most readily available and the cheapest he got two of those. theres hope for him as aherper and maybe later on you will see him here. i showed him a couple sites he could visit (GI, KS, here, LL, ect...) to think i made that lil boy a herper, feels good. felt better to help the herps. he is young and not experienced it wasnt really his fault i had to remember that when i was feeling like punching him. i had to keep in mind the pet store did that to him. i set him off on the right track. haha the lil moocher tried to get a light fixture off me for a uvb light. i told him if worst comes to worst he can have one. i told him id be going herping saturday and he could join me if he wanted he seemed very pleased with that. then we went in my back yard and blew sh*t up with firecrackers.

just a "lil" story i figured id tell ya.

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