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Vanan will be there, harassing everyone we can. Especially SCALES Zoo, who we're making a special trip to visit and Amanda from Year of the Dragon.

Vanan is instantly recognizable. Tall, and dark. Me white and short. I'm sure there won't be that many east indian/spanish couples to confuse us with! Maybe I'll wear my WSPCR T-shirt.

Mark, I'm sooooo excited!! Like you wouldn't believe, there was a bit of a chance, I couldn't make it b/c of work, but that's all cleared up. The best part is Tuesday the 13th is my B-day and this trip is like a b-day present. (I also accept any herp presents you'd like to give folks!)

This'll be our second show of the season. So exciting!!

I can't wait to see Anette, Rob McRobbie, and Mr. Bilou himself, plus Walter! Anyways, I'd better settle down, before I blow my head off.

See you guys there!!
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