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LOL great pic Shane!

Yeah my kitty is a huge suck. I'm not a cat person, but Little ******* doesn't really act like it. He has none of that independance or nonchalance that cats are known for... he *needs* to be loved 24/7. He powerlaunches into your arms or up your back (whichever angle he finds you at) and just wants to be carried like a baby all day... he has to sleep on top of me... he does dog tricks (lie down, roll over, jump up, etc)... he playfights pretty hard... if you don't love him (ie- sleeping when he doesn't want to, talking on the phone, cleaning) he gets what I call "rabies"... viciously attacks you... I have soooooo many scars! Being a wildcat (he wasn't exposed to people for the first 5 months of his life) he doesn't warm up to just anyone...
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